This book provides declarations and affirmations for kids to have a great attitude in their daily lives.  This book provides insights into how to change the way they think even in tough times.

Declarations for Going Up Higher for Kids will be a useful tool in the hands of kids who are eager to live in God’s presence and have a desire to do what is pleasing in His sight.  It will give them the opportunity to freely open up to the treasures of God’s love and experience a remarkable relationship with the Father by being able to draw close to Him. Through this experience, each child will be able to come into the presence of God with openness and honesty.  They will be able to express themselves to Him and fearlessly declare and assert who they are before Him.

This type of book will richly bless each child as their faith is cultivated and deepened through the daily exercises of spending time in prayer and making declarations.  The expectation is that, as their faith is increased through a sincere and direct fellowship with God, they will grow in His love, believe and never doubt that they have free access to all of His promises, and be able to stand to represent Him before the nations as true believers and ambassadors of the King.