You can!

Transform your thinking, reignite your passion, and maximize your impact

“My passion is to influence leaders by helping them to grow and change – and see themselves differently than they did before.”

From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be!

Dr. Amanda Goodson will inspire and motivate you as a speaker, coach, or trainer with her goal-setting and goal-getting expertise. You will improve and enhance your capability, presence, style, and brand as a leader as Amanda pours into you from her unique experiences as a groundbreaking aerospace engineer at NASA, an innovative director at a major engineering company, and encouraging independent certified John Maxwell leadership coach, teacher, and speaker.

“Amanda is a dynamic speaker. She built a strong sense of purpose for our leadership team. Amanda effectively organized, assembled, and arranged her information to meet our organization’s goals. It was great!” – Marvin Carolina, Former President and CEO, Better Business Bureau, Kansas City, MO

“Amanda is a wonderful speaker and trainer. She energized her audience and kept us interested the whole time.” – Odetta Scott, Site Six Sigma Lead

“Amanda is a problem solver. She talks through issues to get to the root cause.” – Fredrick Cross, Program Manager, Fortune 500 Company