Amanda Goodson offers the FRESH WILL program and service to teach individuals and organizations how to utilize strengths and differences to gain a unique position in corporate America, the community and at home. We look to serve you. Contact us to sign up for the FRESH WILL program today!


Through her FRESH WILL program and training Amanda will pour into you with her personalized one-on-one sessions or through her small- or large-group training events.

Whether you or your organization needs to take it up a notch, make a change when change is hard, or simply need a boost, Amanda will take you to a place of great potential, growth and fulfillment. Her proven, five-step approach will provide you or organization with the insights to make better decisions, sharpen skills, gain insights into personal and professional growth, and acquire a roadmap to excellence specific to your individual needs by:

1. Determining and documenting your current state
2. Determining your future state in nine key areas: finances, relationships, spiritual, health, leisure, professional, innovations, social/community, and network
3. Writing your final resume
4. Developing a GAP analysis
5. Working backwards to your current position

After coaching and mentoring countless leaders and individual contributors within the industry, government and academia, she realized that there is a great need for action strategies that will help facilitate better position and success. In order to be effective, Amanda’s years of experience discovered the necessities needed for growth. The FRESH WILL program will serve you and your organization to:

  • Identify the differences and expectations of shifting organizations in today’s business market
  • Appreciate the need to maintain competitive advantage and grow in new markets
  • Interpret their power positions and leverage their differences
  • Manage the process of navigating in the new business environment
  • Develop strategies to be sought after and retain your competitive advantage Scale your model for maximum output and effectiveness
  • Put your craft in a place of unique opportunity where others have not mastered or sought to be using an innovative approach to input-process- output