Resilient: A Key to Being Brilliant

Want to learn how experts identify resilience with their brilliance? Want to have a more rewarding life no matter where you are in life? This book will assist you in exercising resilience and in helping them bounce back from adversities and challenges. Daniel Scott, Ashley Dickerson-Hall, Sonya Drayer, Rukiya Higgins, Ucheonye Maple, Dr. Stephanie May, Odetta Scott, Clifton Wesley, and Veonicca Wesley are all co-authors of this wonderful book. They have found ways to exude brilliance and manifest success beyond the challenges they have experienced. The stories highlighted in this book will amaze you and change your life.

This book will create velocity and momentum for you to learn tools to manifest victory in the face of struggle and hardship. Your life is a product of resiliency and the convergence that we all go through.

The ABCs of Influence

As an influencer, you are not like everybody else. You are a solution provider. You are a strategist. You are an executor. You have a competitive advantage. However, we are in a world of change and complexity, so being a person of influence can seem more challenging than ever.

The ABCs of Influence will introduce you to 12 fabulous and gifted individuals who are influencers in their domains, displaying the power and ability to shift perspectives of individuals and organizations, demonstrating who they are and what they can do. Their stories will inspire and equip you to be a powerful influencer at work, home, and everywhere in-between, changing the lives of others through your amazing example.

Teams, Leaders, and Change (TLC: Accelerating Women in STEM)

Dr. Amanda H. Goodson, Dr. Yvette Rice, and Odetta Scott are engineers who have worked, or are still working, in technical jobs in government, industry, nonprofit, and academia settings, and have traveled globally as women in technology. Together, they founded WeTECH Rocks, a Women in Technology consortium, and they have written TLC: Teams, Leaders, and Change with the mission of accelerating value delivery, skills development, and strategy execution for leaders and entrepreneurs in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

Join Amanda, Yvette, and Odetta as they deliver seven principles that embrace who you are as women in STEM, propel you in excellence, and accelerate you to greatness!

The Purpose and Power of Mentorship

Do you want to be the architect of who you are as a professional and as a person? The Purpose and Power of Mentorship will introduce you to 16 fabulous and gifted individuals who have given and received mentorship and realized the incredible difference it has made in their lives as well as the lives of others. Relevant and relatable for those in business and industry, in academia, and in non-profit organizations, as well as those involved in the local community, this book gives you lift wherever you are in your career or in the community.

Featured authors (in alphabetical order): Valeene Bedford, Marvin Carolina Jr., Vernette Elliott, Dr. Amanda Goodson, Lonnie Goodson, P. Leon King, Rosalind Longmire, Terri Luna, Jeannie Lynch, Robert W. Merriweather, Dr. Lamata Mitchell, Daniel Scott, Odetta Scott, Dwayne Simpson, Laura Tremaine, and Dr. Karockas Watkins.

Women in Leadership – Living Beyond Challenges

Are you ready to shine as a legacy of victory and leadership?

Throughout Scripture, God strategically placed women in specific places and times to bring about remarkable change for His people and the world. But their assignments did not come without challenges – and neither do yours.

In this hour, we believe the Lord has a specific assignment for each one of you to be light bearers who change the lives of people in your circles of influence. You are here, right now, to shine for His glory! Women in Leadership – Living Beyond Challenges will introduce you to 11 remarkable women whose unique stories of courage, tenacity, and triumph will elevate and inspire you to take your place with them in bringing about remarkable change in how you lead in every area of your life for Him and in your world.

Featured authors (in alphabetical order): Dr. Amanda Goodson, Dr. Yvette Rice, Rosalind Longmire, Dr. Jana Lovelace, Jeannie Lynch, Jana Monroe, Melissa Morrison-Ellis, Catherine Ripley, Odetta Scott, Sharon Wamble-King, and Amarie Whetten.

Astronomical Leadership: Be amazed at who you are

When she was growing up in the shadow of the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama, young Amanda Harris never imagined she’d someday actually work for NASA and ultimately become the first African-American woman to ever hold the position of Director of Safety and Mission Assurance out of the Marshall Space Flight Center.
In Astronomical Leadership, you’ll be inspired and motivated as Amanda shares her unlikely journey of overcoming obstacles of race and gender prejudice, finding her giftings and self-confidence, and making a bold proclamation that changed her life forever.
You’ll also walk alongside Amanda as she faces her greatest professional challenge—the destruction on reentry of the Space Shuttle Columbia—and deals with the personal trauma that followed that horrific event. You’ll also learn of her involvement in the investigation of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, transition from NASA, and development as a leader that eventually led to the creation of her unique take on Input-Process-Output to improve and enhance your leadership capability, presence, style, and brand.

Financial Healing from the Inside Out

Are you ready for a financial breakthrough? You can have it – but it requires you to embrace who God created you to be, and discover how He desires you to both see and manage your finances to benefit your life and further His Kingdom purposes in the process. 
Financial Healing from the Inside Out is a power-packed book that will help you identify and overcome money-related stress, regulate your emotions, and understand the blessing and abundance you were destined to have. You’ll confront rebellion and learn how to give God control of your money. You’ll also find out how to have a wealthy mindset and make the right decisions to revive your financial future, and dream and think your way to financial freedom! 
Filled with practical and applicable advice, the insights shared by authors Angela C. Preston and Dr, Amanda H. Goodson will make you declare, “I’m free! I’m free! Thank God, I’m free!”

Authority of a Leader

Great leaders have power and are successful because they operate in peak states to achieve excellence on a routine basis. No matter the challenge or adversity, those with leadership authority are destined to make a remarkable impact in those around them. Authority of a Leader provides keys needed to sustaining peak performance and serves as a how-to guide to develop qualities that all successful leaders possess.

How to Unlock Your Full Potential

We all have the power within us to achieve great things in life and the power to unlock your full potential rests within! This book will provide insights into how to be successful and develop a strategy for continued leader success.

12 Power Principles for Administrative Professionals

You are a person of significance and have great potential. This book is developed to give you principles to help you soar and do great things. Whether you want to be a better professional, parent, student, or employee, 12 Power Principles… will help you navigate through the ridges to a place of confidence and success.  

Character of a Leader: Keys to Dynamic Leadership

Today’s leader must be adaptable and agile in meeting an organization’s objectives and the needs of the community. Becoming more dynamic in your leadership will take you to a dimension that will cause excellent results around you and make things happen in a way that will transform your organization, situation, or community in an awesome way. Character of a Leader contains several keys that will continue your journey to excellence.