BMW: Bold. Millionaire. Women

Whether you are an arriving or thriving millionaire, this program a must have experience
is for YOU! Amanda Goodson Global, LLC (AGG) offers decades of experience to ensure
greater opportunities for success on your journey to wealth and financial abundance.

The BMW: Bold. Millionaire. Women™ program and Master Classes to teach women,
business and community leaders, individuals, and organizations how to utilize strengths
and differences to gain a unique position in corporate America and the community as

Let’s increase your wealth portfolio today! Let us show you how to achieve wealth NOW!!

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BMW Main Coaching Components:  

  • Financial Healing from the Inside Out
  • Case Studies and Personalized Learning
  • Interactive and Reflective Approach
  • Write your Anthology Chapter
  • Certificate of Completion

Start your journey to arrive and thrive as a BMW: Bold.Millionaire.Women™ TODAY

  • Journey to Financial Freedom and BMW Milestones
    • Certificate Presentation

“As a culmination of your dedicated efforts throughout the program, and completion of The Mentorship Series: BMW: Bold.Millionaire.Women™

      • Program requirements we are awarding you with a certificate of completion. This certificate (shareable on LinkedIn) serves as a tangible symbol of your accomplishment and newfound expertise in mentorship. Congratulations!”
  • Expanding Your Financial Freedom Journey
    • Invitation into the AGG Mentorship Network: WisdomSync™.
      • “As a graduate of BMW: Bold.Millionaire.Women™ program we extend a special invitation to become a distinguished member of the AGG Mentorship Network. Here, you will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share your passions and goals. We’re excited to share that through WisdomSync, you will be a part of our extensive network that will match mentors (thriving) and mentees (arriving) based on their motivations and experience.”
    • “Tucson Takeover” Mentorship Conference (Annually in October)
      • “Looking ahead, we invite you to our annual AGG Mentorship Conference, hosted in the vibrant city of Tucson, Arizona. This conference is a valuable opportunity to network, learn, and exchange ideas with fellow mentors (thriving) and mentees (arriving), further enriching your journey.”
    • The Masterclass Series 
      • “We’re thrilled to introduce the next chapter in our mentorship journey, BMW: Bold.Millionaire.Women™ Masterclass. As a graduate of our program, we invite you to explore the endless possibilities of this enhanced experience. With a range of membership options, you have the flexibility to continue as a mentor, delve into the enriched features of BMW: Bold.Millionaire.Women™ Masterclass set your sights on Gold or Platinum levels. Your unwavering commitment and dedication across each program can unlock partnership opportunities within AGG’s mentorship network, paving the way for excellence.


I truly have been inspired by Dr. Goodson’s teaching. She changed my thinking and gave me a path to greater outcomes. (J.H.)

I am so glad I have been mentored by Dr. Goodson. I have received promotions in my job and now I am an executive in a profession that I am passionate about! (E.G.)

Dr. Goodson, thank you for inspiring and encouraging me to create more wealth for my family. It was easier than I thought! (G.A.)

I am impressed by you and the way you think about wealth. (D.R.)

Thank you! My life is better…I am arriving to total wealth and financial healing. (A.H.)