This book is a must read!! Great leaders have power and are successful because they operate in peak states to achieve excellence on a routine basis. People who possess leadership authority are powerful and have the ability to be outstanding. No matter the challenge or adversity, those with leadership authority are destined to make a remarkable impact in those around them. Authority of a Leader provides keys needed to sustaining peak performance and serves as a how to guide to develop qualities that all successful leaders possess. Use this book to be a more powerful leader of influence and authority! Want to walk in the authority that point to your purposed destiny? What to be a better leader who influences others around you? Want to engage with your team to achieve peal levels of performance on a routine basis? Want to be creative in your leadership? This book is developed to answer those questions and more. If so, this book is for you. In my leadership books, I stress the importance of using the power and potential with you to do great things. You have much potential that needs to be unleashed, stirred up and raised up to be effective. The potential is there waiting on the right circumstances to emerge. One may need more focus, direction, education, skills developed and maturity in an area, but I believe you can achieve and walk in the authority destined for you. All things are possible if you believe it. Most people possess the power to make things happen in a way that will transform their organization, situation or community, in an awesome way. Walking in authority (the power to influence), allows one to realize their full potential in making things happen around them. People who seek leadership authority recognize the importance and influence that this position carries. Those who act on what they know, will develop the skills needed to reach peak states in the organizations they influence. I believe we all have been granted the authority to accomplish great things. Greatness has many dimensions. Greatness carries power; and the power to carry out our tasks can be done well with the right desire. The information in this mini book – Authority of a Leader will serve to equip you and valuable insights into how to lead with power and influence. People who possess leadership authority have the ability to effectively influence their organizations and communities in an outstanding way. No matter the challenge or adversity, those with leadership authority are destined to make a tremendous impact around them. This book is meant to stir up your thinking and cause you to be more creative, enhance your leadership knowledge, and develop a style that will impact others around you with power. As you read these pages, keep an open mind so that you will be able to see how walking in the authority of a leader will affect you, learn new skills to transforming your thinking and touch those whose lives you influence.