Read this exciting book and change your life. Want principles to unlock your full potential and influence others in a more powerful way? You should know that you are a person of significance and have great potential. This book is developed to give you principles to help you soar and do great things. Whether you want to be a better professional, parent, student or employee – this book will help you navigate through the ridges to a place of confidence and success. I believe that you already have exactly what you need inside of you to be the best you. You just need a little boost, tweaking, education or your confidence built to see the greatness that lies within. Sometimes all that’s needed is just a few adjustments and some enlightenment to see it. The principles in this book are written in a clear concise format to make you think and give you what you need to move from where you are to a better place in your career and life. Please maintain an open mind as you read these pages, and implement what you learn immediately to start the process of becoming a better you. This book contains several keys to assist you in growing to your full potential. Administrative professionals who use this book will see remarkable improvement in their situations, relationships and their performance at many levels. Those who act on what they learn will develop the skills needed to reach peak states within the organizations they serve. I believe we have all been granted the ability to accomplish great things. Greatness has many facets and levels. Greatness carries power; and the power to carry out our tasks can be done well with the right desire. The information in this mini book, 12 Power Principles for Office (Administrative) Professionals, will serve to equip you with tools that will provide valuable insights into how to support your organization or family with greatness. Administrative professionals who use these principles will have an opportunity to transform themselves and others around them on a routine basis. Administrative professionals who have a great attitude, create the right atmosphere, use their unlimited potential, use their roadmap, know when to innovate and influence others, think critically, make a difference in excellence, and are honest champions. This book is meant to arouse your thinking and cause you to be more creative, enhance your knowledge base, and develop a style that will impact others around you with power. As you read these pages, keep an open mind so that you will be able to see how the principles highlighted will transform you, assist you in learning new skills to enhance your thinking, and will place you in a position to touch those whose lives you influence.