Amanda Goodson’s powerful and insightful presentations are based on her years of experience as an executive leader in industry and government, a non-profit owner community leader and mother. She uses her unique approaches to get women off the crazy cycle to a place of balance and success!  She uses her years of research to provide tools useful to set a layered pace, stretch without stress, and perform using a professional intelligence quotient she designed.  This methodology provides a framework for audiences to experience their passion, reach higher heights, sharpen their skills.  Also, this method  provides insights into personal and organizational growth and a specific roadmap to excellence to enjoy the journey.  She connects with her audiences to create lasting results.  Amanda is known for her high energy, exciting keynotes and inspirational teaching.   By working with Amanda, audiences gain useful insights and clarity to experience limitless possibilities. She helps them to see to their gifts and skills – allowing them to take action and be the absolute best they can be, personally and professionally.

AMANDA’S PRESENTATIONS are designed and customized for groups and are offered as Keynotes,  Breakout Sessions, Full-Day Seminars, Training Classes and Retreats.  Here is a sample of her offerings for women:



Need a lift? Soaring  will take you and your team to a place that carries power and authority in a space that cannot be questioned or controlled by others.  This presentation provides winning success strategies for women who want to be winners, who are destined and designed to soar, and achieve excellence. You  have the ability to soar to a dimension that far surpasses the human understanding to a place of peace, tranquility and assurance. SOAR and gain valuable insights to reach to your destiny as a winner!


Whether spicy or mild, you already have the power within to achieve great things in life.  The secret and power to unlock your full potential rests within the sauce! This presentation will provide you insights into how to be successful and unlock your full potential in leadership using your personality and individuality. You will be able to leverage your individual strengths, deploy key strategies and achieve continued exponential leader success.  It is in the SAUCE!!


Let go of the past and gain new insights on how to reach the success you desire. The success factors tool kit  identifies “derailer busters” and “energy building blocks” that will get many women professionals unstuck and  on their way to success. “Harmony” methodology shows how to make lasting change in reaching success in every area of life.


Use your make-up!  Today’s leader must be adaptable and agile in meeting the organization’s objectives and community’s needs.   Most successful leaders possess the power leadership style and teams around them to make things happen in a way that will transform their organization, situation, or community in an awesome way.  Use your make-up and style to excel in becoming more dynamic in your leadership approaches.  Your make-over will take you to a dimension that will cause excellent results around you. This presentation contains several keys that will create excellence to exceed expectations on  your journey to adding business value.


Tired of doing the same thing and expecting different results?  Need to know how to engage your customer and win?  Good! Learn how to be the best version of you every chance you get. Being the best requires movement – gives dynamic approaches to move up and out in life.  This canvas is designed to give professional  insight into how to navigate the business ridges, overcome  negative positioning, verbal ping pong and business judo to create a place of excellence in the customer engagement platform.  Use  your energy the right way!  Pursue and sustain the win. Become greater as a leader and  achieve success. Operate in peak states to be excellent on a routine basis. This session will  provide valuable keys needed to sustain peak performance and a how-to guide to develop qualities critical to individual and organizational success.



  •  Amanda is a wonderful speaker and trainer.  She energized her audience and kept us interested the whole time.
  • We have got to get her back!
  • Amanda keeps you glued to her every word.
  • I enjoyed Amanda’s presentation; she is so personable and interesting.
  • Amanda is a dynamic speaker.
  • Amanda built a stronger sense of purpose for our leadership team.
  • Amanda effectively organizes, assembles and arranged her information to meet our organization’s goals.  I am pleased with her presentation.  It was great!
  • Our  team building seminar  facilitated by Amanda  was great!
  • Amanda is an excellent coach and  speaker.

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